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Chemical waste gas treatment:

    Chemical Waste Gas refers to chemical manufacturing generated toxic and harmful gases. Chemical pollutants in the exhaust gas species contained a lot of complex physical and chemical properties, toxicity, are not the same, serious impact on human health and pollute the environment. In accordance with the form of the presence of pollutants, chemicals can be divided into the exhaust gas particulate pollutants and gaseous pollutants - usually particulate pollutants are mainly dust particles, dust, smoke, fog and dust, coal dust; gaseous pollutants are mainly sulfur compounds, chlorine compounds, oxides of carbon, hydrocarbons, halogen-oxygen compounds.

Pharmaceutical industrial waste gas treatment:

    One of the main sources of gas in the biopharmaceutical industry, is also noteworthy for its most representative pharmaceutical raw materials workshop, for example, four major steps of its production process, substantially intermittent feeding, 24-hour production, in the exhaust gas contains a variety of complex organic components toluene, ethyl acetate, methanol, dioxane, triethylamine, DMSO, etc., are part of the plant has been using PVC pipe and PVC cover collection after collection transported to simple washing after washing tower emissions. The total concentration of organic matter in the average emissions of about 1500 mg / cubic meter, the plant site and the surrounding environment cause greater pollution, environmental need for effective governance, have reached the national emission standards. Biopharmaceutical drying gas processing, pharmaceutical industry in the production process of fermentation, drying, sewage treatment and other processes are generating a lot of stench smell of gas, ammonia gas generated by the fermentation section (diffusion) of untreated exhaust gas generated in the production process has been affect ambient air quality and human health, urgent treatment.

Paint industry waste gas treatment:

    Painting is the most basic technology products surface protection and decorative uses, painting jobs throughout the various sectors of the national economy: furniture, automobiles and other metals, plastics, wood products processing and production operations, paint shop and create shape (cut, pin , grinding) plant is the main production sites of environmental pollution. In spraying operations, 50% to 70% solvent-based coatings in the coating process in order to fly out of the mist, paint the vast sub-volatile organic solvents released into the air.

Sewage Treatment Plant bad odor treatment:

    Site sewage treatment industries and urban sewage treatment plant odor nuisance odor during operation, malodorous components sewage treatment project is mainly generated by the breathing of protein, fat, carbohydrates microbial product of the fermentation process and incomplete product, what is generally divided into three categories

1. The sulfur compounds - hydrogen sulfide, potassium sulfide, methyl sulfide and the like;

2. The nitrogen-containing compounds - ammonia trimethylamine;

3. The compound of carbon, oxygen, or carbon, hydrogen and oxygen consisting of - lower alcohols, aldehydes, fatty acids.

The main aspects that produce foul odors inlet grille, regulation pool, dust aeration tank, anaerobic tank, anoxic, aeration tank, sludge thickener and sludge transfer processes.

Refuse solid waste transfer station and a filler field Odor Treatment:

    Refuse transfer stations aim is to focus on residential garbage after compression packaged, transported to the landfill management in the field or waste treatment plant for centralized treatment. Waste production, collection, transport process is accompanied by fermentation and decay, it emits hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, methyl mercaptan, dimethyl sulfide-based malodorous gases and vehicle access, causing leakage of leachate when loading and unloading and dust on the surrounding generate nuisance.



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