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    怎么处理含硫恶臭气体污染BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站? 常州蓝阳环保设备有限公司是专业从事恶臭废气处理废气处理工程制造BG视讯官方网站、安装BG视讯官方网站、维护一条龙服务的专业环保公司,本公司整合国际先进技术并结合国内市场需求BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站,经过科学的设计BG视讯官方网站、开发研制出一系列质优、价廉、安全实用的废气处理环保设备环保设备。蓝阳环保自主研发BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、生产的工业废气处理设备BG视讯官方网站,在用户和行业内都有着良好的口碑BG视讯官方网站。

    含硫废气可用两种方法加以处理,一种是在燃烧 前使燃料脱硫,一种是经燃烧后从烟道气中脱硫BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站。烟道气中二氧化硫的浓度极低,通常在0.2多左右,因此在脱硫过程中其气体处理量很大,就一个一亿千瓦的火力发电厂为例,每分钟就要产生5,097米”的烟道气BG视讯官方网站。但是,从国外的报道来看,燃烧后脱硫仍比燃烧前脱硫要经济得多,如渣油燃烧前进行催化加氢脱硫其每 吨成本为2.1、了美元,而燃烧后对烟道·气脱硫的成本,则每吨仅为0.66BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、1.65美元BG视讯官方网站。 据不完全统计,目前从烟道气中脱硫的化学处理方法巳有23种,但大多尚处于研究阶段,仅少数方法已在火力发电厂和硫酸厂试用BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站。

    恶臭物质多数来自于以石油为原料的化工厂BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、污水处理厂BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、垃圾处理厂、饲料厂BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、畜牧产品农场BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、皮革厂等工业企业BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站。特别是石油中含有微量且多种结构形式的硫BG视讯官方网站、 氧BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、氮等的烃类化合物,在储存BG视讯官方网站、运输和加热、合成等工艺过程中产生的臭气逸散到大气中BG视讯官方网站,造成环境的恶臭污染BG视讯官方网站。1995年修改后颁布的《中华人民共和国大气 污染防治法》BG视讯官方网站,明确规定向大气排放恶臭气体的排污单位BG视讯官方网站,必须采取治理措施防止周围居民区受到污染。

    恶臭气体对人体有一定的危害BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站,一切令人不适的气味都属于恶臭气体,恶臭是一种影响广泛的公害BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站,强烈刺激人的心理,严重时引起中毒BG视讯官方网站。它对人体的毒害是多方面 的:首先引起人体反射性地抑制吸气BG视讯官方网站,妨碍正常呼吸功能BG视讯官方网站;神经系统长期受到低浓度恶臭的刺激BG视讯官方网站,使嗅觉脱失,继而使大脑皮层兴奋与抑制的调节功能失调BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站。

    How to deal with the stench of sulfur gas pollution? Yang Changzhou Blue Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is specialized in the stench of exhaust gas treatment process engineering and manufacturing, installation, maintenance train service professional environmental company, the company integrates advanced technology combined with the domestic market demand, scientifically designed, developed and worked out a series of high quality, inexpensive, safe and practical environmental waste gas treatment equipment environmental equipment. Blue-green independent research and development, production of industrial waste gas treatment equipment, and users in the industry have a good reputation.

    Sulfur-containing gas to be addressed two ways, one is prior to combustion of the fuel desulfurization, one is after combustion from the flue gas desulfurization. The concentration of sulfur dioxide in flue gas is very low, usually more than 0.2 or so, so in the course of its gas desulfurization process a large amount, it is a one hundred million kilowatts of thermal power plant, for example, will produce 5,097 meters per minute, "the smoke Road gas. However, reports from abroad, the post-combustion desulfurization still much more economical than pre-combustion desulfurization, such as former oil burner catalytic hydrodesulfurization its cost per ton of 2.1 US dollars, while the combustion of tobacco Doug gas desulfurization cost of only $ 0.66,1.65 per ton, according to incomplete statistics, the chemical treatment from the flue gas desulfurization Pat 23 species, but most are still in the research stage, only a few methods have been thermal power plant and a sulfuric acid plant trial.

    Most of odorous substances derived from petroleum-based raw materials, chemical plants, sewage treatment plants, waste treatment plants, feed mill, farm livestock products, tanneries and other industrial enterprises. Especially oil and contains trace amounts of a variety of structural forms of sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and other hydrocarbon compounds, odor generated in the storage, transport and heating, the process synthesis escape into the atmosphere, causing environmental pollution stench . After the enactment of the 1995 revised "People's Republic of China Air Pollution Prevention Law" clearly provides that discharge malodorous gases into the atmosphere discharging unit must take control measures to prevent contamination of the surrounding residential areas.

    Malodorous gases on the human body has certain hazards, all unpleasant odors are all odorous gases, odor nuisance is a widely influenced strongly stimulate human psychology, causing severe poisoning. Its human poisoning are manifold: first cause human reflex to suppress breathing, impede normal respiratory function; the nervous system has long been a low concentration stench of stimulation, so that olfactory depigmentation, then the cerebral cortex excitatory and inhibitory regulatory function disorders.



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