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     Equipment principle: BJT acid mist purification tower for corrosive gases (such as acid, alkaline exhaust gas) treatment, the current use of liquid absorption treatment. The use of liquid absorption treatment of the exhaust gas, the key lies in the choice of purification equipment. At present, the company independently developed a purification efficiency, operation and management simple, long service life of acid and alkaline exhaust gas purification technology and equipment. The process and product have the characteristics of simple structure, low energy consumption, high purification efficiency and wide application range, and can effectively remove hydrogen chloride gas (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia gas (NH3), sulfuric acid mist (H2SO4) Water-soluble gas such as acid mist (CrO3), hydrogen cyanide gas (HCN), alkali vapor (NaOH), hydrogen sulfide gas (H2S) and formalin (HCHO). Acid mist exhaust gas from the duct into the purification tower, through the filler layer, the exhaust gas and sodium hydroxide absorption liquid for gas-liquid two-phase full absorption and neutralization reaction, acid mist exhaust gas purification, and then by the defogging plate dewatering Fan into the atmosphere. Absorbent liquid in the bottom of the tower pressurized by the pump after the spray in the top of the tower, and finally back to the bottom of recycling. The purified acid mist exhaust gas meets the emission standard of Guangdong Province, which is lower than the national emission standard.

     Equipment features: This equipment is used to purify the exhaust gas tower, suitable for continuous and intermittent emissions of the treatment; process is simple, management, operation and maintenance is very simple and convenient, will not produce any impact on the workshop; The tower body can be used according to the actual situation FRP / PP / PVC and other materials; packing with high efficiency, low resistance of the Bauer (Bayer), low pressure, Ring, can be completely removed in the gas smell, harmful substances.

      Structure: The equipment consists of single tower and double tower. Using a circular tower body, flange connection from the sub-section. Specifically by the tank, tower, into the wind section, spray layer, packing layer, cyclone demister layer, the wind cap cone, viewing holes and other components.

      Application: The process and equipment can be widely used in chemical, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile (chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing industry emissions during the acid and alkaline exhaust gas purification. Such as seasoning food, acid, pickling, electroplating, electrolysis, batteries and so on.

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