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  涂料厂所用的原料,有些具有一定的毒性BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站,如各种溶剂、含铅和含铬的颜料等,可能引起中毒或职业病BG视讯官方网站。有的原料如溶剂BG视讯官方网站、硝化棉、油脂等属于易燃易爆的危险品。因 此BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站,涂料厂要有良好的通风装置BG视讯官方网站、完善的安全防爆措施和消防设备BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、?;すぷ魅嗽苯】档谋匾投BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站;ず臀郎枋?。对于涂料厂废气的治理BG视讯官方网站,要选用质量技术过硬的废气净化技术,才能达到满意的效果BG视讯官方网站。










  4.采用西门子PLC-S7 1200进行电气控制BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站,对系统进出口、炉膛BG视讯官方网站、蓄热床等关键部位的控制点(如LEL监测器BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、温度、压力等)进行记录,并通过自编程序进行逻辑控制。

     LANYANG  is a professional production of waste gas treatment equipment, waste gas treatment equipment and industrial organic waste gas treatment equipment manufacturers, our company is committed to give the best possible exhaust gas processing solutions in the shortest time.

Paint is a firm can cover the surface, the protective, decorative, chemical mixture paint logos and other special purposes. In accordance with the prevailing modern classification of chemical products, coating belonging to fine chemical products. Modern paint is gradually becoming a class versatility of engineering materials, the chemical industry is an important industry.

Raw materials used in paint factory, some of which have some toxicity, such as various solvents, lead and chromium pigments, etc., may cause poisoning or occupational disease. Some materials such as solvents, nitrocellulose, grease, etc. is flammable and explosive dangerous goods. Therefore, the paint factory have good ventilation, sound-proof safety measures and fire-fighting equipment to protect the health of workers necessary labor protection and sanitation. For coating plant waste gas treatment, to use quality technical excellent exhaust gas purification technology, in order to achieve satisfactory results.

Paint waste gas treatment Process Description:

1. The organic waste is heated to above 760 ℃, residence time greater than one second, so that the exhaust gas VOCs oxidation and decomposition into carbon dioxide and water.

2. The high-temperature gas flowing through the oxidation of a special ceramic regenerator, heating the ceramic body and the "regenerative", this "regenerative" is used to preheat the follow-up into the body of organic waste, thus saving fuel consumption exhaust gas temperature rise and lower operating costs.

3. ceramic regenerator should be divided into three zones, each goes through the regenerator heat storage - heat - such as cleaning procedures, again and again, continuously. After regenerator "heat" should be immediately introduced into the appropriate amount of clean air to the regenerator for cleaning (to ensure that the VOC removal efficiency above 99%), and only until the cleaning is completed to enter the "regenerative" program.

4. improve cold start preheating furnace through the burner system, the normal operation of most of the heat can be recovered regenerative ceramic bed, when the combustible components in the exhaust gas concentration is too low, rely on combustion auxiliary fuel (diesel or natural gas) to improve furnace temperature. When the furnace temperature is too high, the valve may be emptying temperature furnace temperature control part of the heat will be released.

Product Features

1. Heat stable, small footprint, heat recovery efficiency up to 95%;

2. The regenerative heat exchanger, exhaust gas temperature rise of saving fuel consumption, lower operating costs;

3. efficiency up to 99%;

4. Siemens PLC-S7 1200 is electrically controlled, import and export of key parts of the system, furnace, heat storage bed control points (eg LEL monitors, temperature, pressure, etc.) are recorded, and logic control through self programming .



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