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  1、蓝阳环保天然植物液高效除异味BG视讯官方网站,蓝阳环保污水除臭专用净化设备BG视讯官方网站,采用高效超声波雾化除臭技术,在污水BG视讯官方网站BG视讯官方网站、废水臭气扩散过程中除臭剂溶液形成微小 雾滴将废气分子包围与其紧密附着并吸收去除BG视讯官方网站,其反应基础是泉威环境天然植物液分子与废气分子之间的相近相容原理。该污水除臭方案效率高BG视讯官方网站、费用低BG视讯官方网站、安全无隐 患BG视讯官方网站、无二次污染。




Sewage treatment plant anaerobic conditioning tank, aeration tank, adjust the exhaust gas generated by the pool, odor, mainly from sewage, waste water itself contained in the exhaust gas pollutants such as benzene, lipids, ketones, alcohols and water, exhaust gas and waste water treatment process odor generated such as nitrogen oxides, hydrogen sulfide H2S, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, SO2, methane CH4, mercaptan.

Sewage treatment plant waste gas as malodorous gases, easy to drift to the surrounding residential areas, causing complaints from residents, resulting in adverse effects. Therefore, the need to take effective measures to clean governance, to ensure that the surrounding environment, meet the national environmental protection requirements.

Exhaust gas treatment methods:

1, blue-green liquid and efficient natural plant odor, deodorant special blue-green water purification equipment, efficient use deodorant ultrasonic atomization technology, sewage, wastewater odor diffusion process deodorant solution form tiny droplets in the exhaust gas molecules surround and absorb its close attachment removed, the reaction is based on similar principles of compatibility Stephen Granville environment liquid natural plant molecules and gas molecules. The sewage deodorization program high efficiency, low cost, safe and hidden suffering, no secondary pollution.

2, blue-green photocatalytic oxidation can effectively remove from the sewage pumping station, water stations, waste water stations, sewage plants and other places in the air odor pollutants H2S, NH3, CH4, nitrogen oxides, thiols and ketones, alcohols , lipids, ether VOC and other organic waste degradation and are able to effectively control.

Sewage treatment plant gas treatment applications:

Sewage treatment plant gas treatment apparatus CHO-91GW, blue-green liquid natural plant widely used in anaerobic conditioning tank, aeration tank of sewage pumping stations, water stations, water stations, adjust the pool and garbage station, garbage transfer stations, landfill landfill and other smelly places.



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